Smart Battery Technologies warrants each MAXIMUS® branded battery sold by Smart Battery Technologies or any of its authorised dealers or distributors worldwide, to be free of defects from the date of sale for 3 years. The warranty period starts at the time of purchase and is referenced by the invoice date recorded on our business system. The warranty covers failure due to defects in material or workmanship. Subject to the issues listed below, Smart Battery Technologies will repair or replace the battery and/or parts of the battery if the components in question are defective in materials or workmanship. Warranties are non-transferable and stay with the original purchaser of our products.

Warranty Procedure

In the unlikely event your battery fails, between MAXIMUS® & the claimant, we will arrange a remote assessment to determine the battery failure. In the event this assessment does not reset the battery issue, together we will arrange to get it back to one of our labs for assessment. Once received in our lab we will examine & test the battery to identify the cause of failure & to determine if it is repairable. If the battery is repairable, it will be repaired at no cost and returned to you. If it is not repairable and the issue was caused by a manufacturer defect, we will replace the battery at no cost.  In some cases, your warranty claim may require special order parts and it can take up to 3 months for us to get the necessary parts and components. Smart Battery Technologies is an approved hazmat shipper which is required to ship lithium LiFePO4 batteries. Please do not attempt to return your battery to us, MAXIMUS® will arrange shipping for your warranty return.

Not Covered by This Warranty

Manufacturer is not obligated to warrant the MAXIMUS® battery in question, if defects are related to damages caused by abuse/neglect incorrect wiring in the battery system, or from the following: – Damage from shipping, loose terminal bolts or corroded hardware – Manufacturer codes tampering or removal – Failure to properly install the battery, in addition to keeping the battery properly charged and maintained – Use of incorrect charging devices  or discharging and sulphation – Breakage from collision, fire or freezing—which includes damage from extreme heat or cold, improper storage, water damage. MAXIMUS’s warranty does not cover spent or worn-out batteries or tampering. All bolts must be firmly tightened with a torque wrench and NOT by hand to avoid overheating caused by a loose connection. The warranty does not cover consequential damage or injury, discharged batteries, rental, freight, labour or administrative costs. Warranty replacement or repair will only occur after batteries are returned to base, tested and battery failure deemed to be a genuine claim.

Non-MAXIMUS® Warranties

MAXIMUS® authorised dealers and distributors may offer an additional warranty to the Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty. Manufacturer is not responsible for dealer or distributor created warranties or any claims that may arise from said warranties.

Warranty Disclaimer

Customers should adhere to all MAXIMUS® documentation and guidelines.  Manufacturer will not be responsible for any expenses related to installation/removal, electrical system tests, battery charging, loss of time or other expenses which should be considered incidental damages, including all shipping charges after the first 30 days of warranty. 

There are no returns or exchanges accepted. Our zero-return policy is effective at the time of purchase. As always, our commitment to excellent customer service is our top priority. Please contact us if you have further questions about our warranty and return policy. PLEASE NOTE – Customers are responsible for all shipping fees following the first 30 days of purchases.